DIY - Gift Basket for Gardeners 

Create a custom gift for the gardener in your life and watch their eyes light up on Christmas morning! We have selected some great choices from our stores, but we have more items available that are sure to make your gardener smile! 


Indoor Project

Step 1:  
Choose a container they can plant something in rather than a box or gift bag. You can go as big or small as you want!

Step 2: 
Fill the bottom with something to help your items sit up pretty in the container; tissue paper or small boxes work nicely. 

Step 3: Begin to add your gardening products placing the tallest items in the back and the smallest items in the front. 

Step 4: Layer in the other items to fill in gaps for a full looking container. 

Step 6: Add some finishing touches, such as moss, decorative bows, and a personalized card.

Suggestions: Customize selections to their tastes. Are they bird-enthusiasts? Add different types of bird feeders and seeds. Are they a nester? Botanical-scented candles or home décor will make them smile. For the houseplant hobbyist, air plants or a terrarium kit are easy favorites. 


Shopping List:

1 - Glazed pot or basket 

1 - Small bag Dr. Earth's Root Zone 

1 - Sloggers gardening shoes

1 - Boss gardening gloves 

1 - Watering globe

5 - Seed Packets

1 - Suet bird feeder

1 - Suet bird food 

1 - Small watering can

1 - Garden sheers 

1 - Garden spade 

1 - Gardening labels 

1 - Pike Nurseries Gift Card

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