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Succulents within pots

Succulent Pot within a Pot

Succulent Pot within a Pot

Terra cotta pots with cactus mix soil

Step 1

Choose your containers. The large container should be a wide-mouthed pot or bowl; something shallow will do just fine. Be sure it has a drainage hole in the bottom so excess water easily drains out. For the smaller container you can get creative; a 4-inch pot works well, but you could also use a coffee mug, small bowl or dish, or even a miniature watering can. Classic terra cotta or any color combo you like will do nicely.
Large terra cotta pot with small pot

Step 2

Fill the large pot half-way with Black Gold Cactus Mix. This planting medium is course and well-draining, which is perfect for succulents that like to be on the dry side. Place the smaller pot on its side on top of the soil.
Terra cotta pots with cactus mix soil

Step 3

Fill in with the cactus mix around the small pot. Fill in the inside of the small pot with soil as well so that the succulents will look as if they are growing from the smaller pot.
Pots of succulents within pot

Step 4

Place your "focal" succulent and your trailing succulent first. These should be close to the edge of the small pot. Here we've used a blue echeveria and string of pearls. Small 2-inch pots of succulents will work best for this project. You can also use small cuttings from larger succulents. Just be sure to let cuttings callous over for 1-2 days before planting.
Pots with succulents

Step 5

Add more succulents around your focal; think about variety of texture and color for the most visual interest. Here we used sedum, aeonium, sempervivum (hens and chicks), and burro's tail. Plant the succulents so they look like the are fanning out from the smaller pot.
Succulents within a pot

Step 6

Add a decorative covering over the soil. Here we used sand, but you can also use colorful pebbles (white or black create a nice high contrast). Use a small, soft-bristle brush to clean soil from the crevices of the succulents. And now it's ready to display!

Care Instructions

  • Succulents love bright, indirect light! You can display your pot within a pot outdoors in warm months but be sure to bring it inside once temperatures cool in fall.
  • Water your planter thoroughly once planted. Let the soil fully dry between waterings to make sure you don't overwater the succulents.
  • To encourage growth, you can fertilize your succulents about once a month during their growing season (summer) with Grow More Cactus Juice.

Shopping List

  • 1 - Wide-mouth shallow pot, 14-20"
  • 1 - Small pot, 4"
  • 5-10 - Succulents ranging in size from 3" to 2" to small cuttings
  • 1 - Bag of decorate sand or pebbles
  • 1 - Bag of Black Gold Cactus Mix, 8 qt.