DIY - Winter Foliage Container Garden 

Partial Sun Project

Step 1: Choose a tall container with an opening that is at least 14 inches wide. Use a pot with a drainage hole for best watering practices.

Step 2: Fill about 2/3 of the container with Pike Potting & Container Soil. Place a coffee filter over the drainage hole first to prevent dirt from spilling out.

Step 3: Mix in 3/4 of a cup of Dr. Earth's Root Zone organic starter fertilizer. This helps prevent transplant shock and gives new plants a jumpstart on growth.

Step 4: Place the small arborvitae in the center/back of the container as the “thriller.”

Step 5: Place the helleborus (aka lenten rose) and the purple leucothoe next to the arborvitae.

Step 6: Add more soil around the root balls of the larger arborvitae, helleborus and leucothoe so the remaining smaller plants won’t sink too far down into the pot.

Step 7: Plant the pansy and the variegated pachysandra around the larger plants as “fillers.”

Step 8: Add the carex grass as the “spiller” close to the container edge.

Step 9: Fill in any spaces with potting soil as needed and then water in everything. Water at the soil level (never overhead – this encourages disease). When water starts to drain from the bottom stop and let the pot drain completely. You’re done!

Care Instructions: 
Feel soil several inches down twice a week. If the soil feels dry, it's time to water. If the soil feels moist, do not water & check again the following day. When temperatures get warm, simply replace the pansies with another full sun annual.

About some of the plants in this container:
Arborvitae is an evergreen conifer that will eventually reach 15 feet tall (over many years). You can enjoy it for a long time in a mixed container, and once it grows larger you can move it to a pot by itself (great choice for a topiary) or plant it in your yard. Helleborus is a perennial flower with evergreen foliage. Once the blooms are done for the season, you can keep the plant in the pot as a foliage filler, or transplant it to a shady spot in your yard and enjoy its blooms next winter. Leucothoe is a low-growing small shrub often used as a groundcover. It has stunning winter foliage (as you can see) and produces drooping clusters of blooms in spring. As it grows larger you can transfer it to a larger mixed container or place it in a partial shade area of your yard, like under a tree.

Shopping List:

1 – Helleborus ‘Pink Marble’ 1 gal.

1 – Arborvitae ‘Emerald Green’ 6 inch

1 – Leucothoe (aka Fetterbush) ‘Scarletta’® 1 gal.

1 – Red Pansy, 3.5 inch

1 – Carex Grass ‘Evergold’ 4 inch

1 – Variegated Pachysandra ‘Silver Edge’ 3.5 inch

1 – Bag of Pike Potting & Container Soil 8 qt.

1 – Bag of Dr. Earth Root Zone organic starter fertilizer 4lb.

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