Butterflies add life and color to your landscape, while your garden gives them a safe habitat. Butterflies need food, water & shelter to survive and this kid-friendly DIY gives them just that!

Step 1: Punch 4 holes in the edge of the plastic plate.

Step 2: Pull one string through each hole. Tie all 4 strings together at the top, make sure the strings are long enough to have the feeder hang on a tree. Be sure to keep the plate level.

Step 3: Add 3 or 4 stones to one side of the plate. You don't want there to be too many, or the plate will be uneven.

Step 4: Add a couple slices of banana on the other side of the plate.

Step 5: Put in a small amount of water. Butterflies don't like deep water.

Step 6: The feeder is now ready to hang! Be sure to change the fruit regularly so the feeder stays clean.