Herbs for Spring & Summer Basics

Home-grown herbs are a great way to enhance your food and they look great in the garden.  Here are some ideas tips for choosing, planting, and caring for summer and spring herbs.


Find a Sunny Spot

      • Nearly all herbs need full sun or at least afternoon sun
      • If there’s not an area in your garden that receives full sun you can easily grow herbs in a pot
        • Place pots near your patio door or by the grill so they are easy to grab when you’re cooking 

Plant in a Nutrient Rich Soil

      • It’s important to have good soil for two reasons
          • It has the nutrients plants need to establish a healthy root system
          • Good soil will provide the plant with good drainage so it gets enough water but it’s not sitting in water which would cause the roots to rot
      • In the Garden
          • Amend soil with Pike Planting Mix at a 50/50 ratio with the native soil
      • In a Pot
          • Use a high-quality Potting Mix like Pike Potting & Container Soil 

Choose Your Favorite Herbs

Choose herbs that you like, popular choices include:

      • Basil
          • One of the most popular herbs
          • Great on pizzas, pasta, and more
      • Rosemary
          • It is an evergreen perennial so it looks great in your garden year-round
          • Once established, needs very little water
          • Great with poultry
      • Sage
          • Perennials with great foliage color
          • Use it with eggs, chicken, pasta, beans & bread
      • Thyme
          • A fragrant groundcover perfect for paths
          • Snip some to use with lamb, poultry, stews and more
      • Mint
          • There are many types of mint from pineapple mint to chocolate mint
          • Mint grows vigorously so we recommend planting it in a container
          • Use in desserts, salads, drinks or mix into a fruit salad 

Herb Care

      • A consistent watering schedule is important for herbs. 
      • You want to keep the soil slightly moist to the touch
      • Fertilize your herbs
        • Use a good organic fertilizer like E.B. Stone Tomato & Vegetable Food