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Herbs for Spring & Summer


Growing Herbs

Homegrown herbs are a great way to enhance your food and they look great in the garden. Here are some ideas tips for choosing, planting, and caring for summer and spring herbs.

Find a Sunny Spot

  • Nearly all herbs need full sun or at least afternoon sun
  • If there's not an area in your garden that receives full sun you can easily grow herbs in a pot
  • Place pots near your patio door or by the grill so they are easy to grab when you're cooking

Plant in a Nutrient Rich Soil

  • It's important to have good soil for two reasons
  • It has the nutrients plants need to establish a healthy root system
  • Good soil will provide the plant with good drainage so it gets enough water but it's not sitting in water which would cause the roots to rot

In the Garden

  • Amend soil with Pike Planting Mix at a 50/50 ratio with the native soil

In a Pot

  • Use a high-quality Potting Mix like Pike Potting & Container Soil

Choose Your Favorite Herbs

Choose herbs that you like, popular choices include:


  • One of the most popular herbs
  • Great on pizzas, pasta, and more


  • It is an evergreen perennial so it looks great in your garden year-round
  • Once established, needs very little water
  • Great with poultry


  • Perennials with great foliage color
  • Use it with eggs, chicken, pasta, beans & bread


  • A fragrant groundcover perfect for paths
  • Snip some to use with lamb, poultry, stews and more

There are many types of mint from pineapple mint to chocolate mint
Mint grows vigorously so we recommend planting it in a container
Use in desserts, salads, drinks or mix into a fruit salad

Herb Care

  • A consistent watering schedule is important for herbs.
  • You want to keep the soil slightly moist to the touch
  • Use a good organic fertilizer like Dr. Earth Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer