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How To
Plant Blueberries


Planting Blueberries

Blueberries are a great shrub that provides year-round interest in the garden

    • Spring - Beautiful, little white bell-shaped flowers
    • Summer - Plump, juicy berries
    • Fall - Foliage turns a stunning reddish purple depending on the variety
    • Winter - Blueberries are a deciduous shrub - the leaves fall off in winter to expose cinnamon brown stems

    When choosing your blueberries you should try to get two different varieties

    Planting different blueberry varieties helps them cross-pollinate which will mean a more abundant blueberry crop Also, having different varieties means you'll get blueberries at different times and get berries that taste different

    Planting your blueberries is easy

    Plant your blueberries in an area that receives full sun or partial sun

    • This is an area that receives at least 6 hours of sun, preferably in the afternoon
    • Blueberries love acid soil so make sure to amend the native soil with Pike Azalea, Camellia, and Gardenia Soil at a 50/50 ratio
    • Today we're going to plant our blueberries in a pot using Pike Potting and Container Soil
    • Fill the pot about half way with Pike Potting and Container Soil
    • Add a handful of Dr. Earth RootZone to the pot
    • Take your favorite blueberry, remove it from its container and place it into the center of the pot
    • This will give the plant added nutrients and prevent transplant shock
    • Next, fill in around the plant with more Pike Potting and Container Soil and tap the soil as you're doing this to remove any air pockets
    • Lastly, water your blueberry thoroughly so the water goes all the way down to the roots

    Caring for your new blueberries is easy

    • Make sure to keep your blueberry watered
    • The soil should be just moist to the touch
    • Be sure to feed your new blueberry with an acidic, organic fertilizer like Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Fertilizer
    • Simply take a handful of the fertilizer and spread it around the top and work into the soil a bit
    • Water thoroughly