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closeup of red geraniums

Complimentary Colors Container Garden

Bold, Colorful, Fun

Complementary Colors Container Garden Project

Full Sun Project
Project Time: 30 Minutes

Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Using this method when choosing your flowers creates high contrast and vibrancy in your container garden. A classic three-color combo using complementary colors is red, yellow and blue, which is what we've done with this recipe. When choosing your own complementary colors, just do an Internet search for a color wheel to use as your guide when planning your colors and plants. As always, use the thriller/filler/spiller method when selecting plants and group plants together that like the same amount of sunlight and water.

flowers In a pot


A - Geranium

B - Bidens

C - Phlox

D - Lobelia

E - Calibrachoa

container garden diagram

Shopping List

  • 1 - Pot of your choice 14 inch
  • 2 - Zonal Geranium 'Tango Red' 4.3 inch
  • 2 - Compact Bidens 'Sun Drop' 4.3 inch
  • 2 - Phlox 'Phloxtar Red' 4.3 inch
  • 2 - Lobelia 'Electric Blue' 4.3 inch
  • 2 - Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Golden Yellow' 4.3 inch
  • Pike Potting & Container Soil
  • Dr. Earth Annual Bloom Organic Fertilizer