White pumpkins

DIY: Decorative Pumpkins

DIY: Decorative Pumkin

    Create a unique, decorative pumpkin of your own by using what you have around your house & in your yard. For these beautiful pumpkins we used various ferns, colored foliage freshly fallen from trees & shrubs, dracaena foliage, Japanese maples & various succulents.
Decorative Pumpkin DIY

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Decorative Pumpkin

Decorative Pumpkin DIY

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Step 1

Find your foliage. Look around your yard & in the neighborhood. You may even have some house plants that would not mind if you borrowed a few leaves.

red leaves hanging from a tree

Step 2

Gently wash your pumpkin with a washcloth, towel dry & paint generously with Modge Podge® glue, allow to dry for 10 minutes. This will make the pumpkin a bit sticky which will is helpful when applying the foliage.

decorating pumpkin

Step 3

Using a paintbrush, apply Modge Podge glue to the back side of the foliage then gently apply to the pumpkin & brush more glue on the front of the leaf making sure to cover the entire piece of foliage on the pumpkin.

decorating pumpkin

Step 4

Once your pumpkin is decorated with foliage, feel free to add some decor while the glue is still wet. This could be anything from acorns, berries or even succulents. If you would like to add succulents, simply place some moss on top of the pumpkin while it is still wet. Dot some glue on the underside of the succulents & stick them right into the moss.

decorating pumpkin

Step 5

Allow pumpkins to dry for 24 hours & enjoy!

decorated pumpkin

Shopping List

  • White Pumpkins
  • Colorful foliage
  • Modge Podge® Glue
  • Small Flathead paintbrush