Full Sun Project
From your garden, to your grill, to your plate. This garden plan is designed with the grill master and foodie in mind. Enjoy fresh herbs and veggies all summer long.

Step 1: Prep your garden bed by amending soil with Pike Vegetable & Flower Soil and mix at a 50/50 ratio with your native soil. Create 3 rows.
Step 2: Start at the front of the bed and create a bern approximately 3 feet across running lengthwise and create a divot beside it about 2 feet wide.
Step 3: Make a second row by creating another bern 3 feet wide and a divot that is 2 feet wide.
Step 4: Finally, create one more bern for the third row. The bern and divots will allow for access to each row for harvesting and maintenance purposes.
Step 5: Now you're ready to pick your plants. Choose herbs and veggies that you and your family will like to grill and eat.
Step 6: Lay out your plants, giving each one room to grow.
Step 7: Dig a hole twice as wide as each of the root balls and plant each plant sprinkling in Dr. Earth Root Zone.
Step 8: Fill in around each plant with soil and tamp down to firm the soil around the root ball.
Step 9: Water thoroughly.