Full Sun Project
Evergreen Pencil Holly accented with colorful pansies will spruce up your porch or patio. Place in full sun for the best performance.

Step 1: Choose a tall container that is at least 14-inches wide.

Step 2: Fill about 2/3 of the container with Pike's Premium Potting Soil.

Step 3: Mix in 3/4 of a cup of Dr. Earth's Root Zone Fertilizer.

Step 4: Place pencil holly in the center of the container & add more soil around the root ball so the pansies will be level with the pencil holly.

Step 5: Add more soil so that the pansies will be level with the pencil holly & mix in a small handful of Dr. Earth's fertilizer.

Step 6: Plant pansies around the pencil holly & water well. See diagram below.