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a close up of pink petunia

Pink & White Container Garden for Sun

Pink & White Container Garden for Sun

Partial Sun Project

Time: 30 Minutes

This dreamy pastel color combo is soothing and ultra-feminine. The delicacy of the caladium leaves plays well with the pastel pinks, the euphorbia that resembles baby's breath, and the lacy, silver-green trailing parrot's beak plant (that will also sport intricate pink blooms). As always, use the thriller/filler/spiller method when selecting plants and group plants together that like the same amount of water and sunlight. These plants are all rated for full sun, but in our harsh summer light, they may perform better in partial sun.

pink and white flowers in a pot


A - Caladium

B - Begonia

C - Euphorbia

D - Geranium

E - Petunia

F - Parrot's Beak

a close up of a ball

Shopping List

  • 1 - Pot of your choice 12 inch
  • 1 - Caladium white/green 4.3 inch (other varieties with pink and white could also work)
  • 1 - Dragon Wing Begonia pink 4.3 inch
  • 1 - Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' 4.3 inch
  • 1 - Geranium 'Appleblossom' 4.3 inch
  • 2 - Petunia pink ('Wave' or 'Ramblin' trailing type) 4 inch
  • 1 - Parrot's Beak pink 4 inch
  • Pike Potting & Container Soil
  • Dr. Earth Annual Bloom Organic Fertilizer