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butterfly garden

Butterfly Planter

Water-Wise Butterfly Planter

Full Sun Project

This water-wise planter does not need much attention to thrive & it also attracts butterflies & hummingbirds!

Step 1: Find a sunny spot in your yard

Step 2: Choose a large pot that is 16 - 20 inches in diameter

Step 3: Fill the container about 1/3 full with Pike's Potting & Container Soil

Step 4: Mix in a healthy handful of Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer

Step 5: Gently remove plants from their container & place in the pot according to diagram

Step 6: Add more potting soil to fill spaces between plants.

Step 7: Water well making sure it is penetrating the soil & running out of the holes on the bottom.

butterfly container garden


A - Liatris

B - Rudbeckia

C - Celosia 'Intenz'

D - Echinacea

E - Vinca Cora

F - Zinnia

G - Lantana 'Gold Struck'

container diagram

Shopping List

  • 1 - 8-inch Liatris
  • 1 - 8-inch Rudbeckia
  • 1 - 8-inch Echinacea
  • 2 - 4-inch Vinca Cora
  • 2 - 6-inch Lantana 'Gold Struck'
  • 1 - 4-inch Zinnia
  • 1 - Bag Pike's Potting & Container Soil
  • 1 - Bag Dr. Earth Root Zone Fertilizer
  • 1 - Large pot, at least 16-inches in diameter

Care Instructions

  • This planter needs full sun to grow its best.
  • Feel soil often & only water when it is dry several inches down.
  • Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer such as Dr. Earth's All Purpose organic slow release; sprinkle around base of plants before watering.

butterfly garden

Video: How to Grow a Butterfly Garden