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Fruit trees

Fruit Trees

Spring is a great time to plant fruit trees & create your own backyard orchard. It's the perfect time to plant them while the weather is cool so they can establish roots before the summer heat gets here.

What Fruit Trees Need to Thrive

o Sun - All fruit requires full sun (six to eight hours in direct sun) to produce a decent crop.

o Soil - All fruits require soil with good drainage. So you'll need to amend your soil for best results.

o Space - make sure you know how much space your fruit tree needs & don't crowd them.

o Chill hours - Most fruit crops have a chilling requirement. This means the plants must receive a certain period of cold weather to bloom and set fruit. Chilling hours differ by crop and even by variety. In Georgia, most crops receive enough chilling hours, with the exception of some apple varieties. Before planting apples, be sure the variety selected is suited for warmer climates.

o Cross pollination - Many fruits require more than one variety to ensure a good fruit crop. Planting other flowering crops to draw pollinators to your garden can improve pollination.

apple tree


o Planting fruit trees is an investment in the future; don't expect a crop right away. Most fruit trees you get from our nursery are 2-3 years old. It will take a couple more years for fruit to produce

§ apples produce at 4-5 years old

§ plums 3-5 years

§ pears 4-6 years

§ peaches 3-4 years

Recipe: Mulled Apple Cider

A fragrant, warm drink for a cool, crisp day!

Recipe: Apple, Cranberry & Spinach Salad

A healthy and delicious meal using your homegrown apples.