Mophead hydrangeas can be planted in the landscape or in a container. Here are the steps for planting hydrangeas in your landscape.

1. Dig a hole twice the size of the hydrangea pot.

2. Remove the native soil from the hole and mix it at a 50-50 ratio with Black Gold Planting Mix. Our native clay soil is compact and dense. It's critical to amend it with a rich, organic planting mix to break up the soil to allow for root development and proper drainage as well as add needed organic matter.

3. Backfill the hole to the size of your hydrangea container and add a handful of Dr. Earth Root Zone Organic Starter Fertilizer to the hole. This will help give your new hydrangea key vitamins for root development and prevents transplant shock.

4. Holding the base of the hydrangea; remove it from the grower's pot and place it in the hole.

5. Backfill the hole with the amended soil and gently press the top of the soil to remove air pockets. The soil line from the pot should be even with the soil level in your garden; be sure not to plant too deep or too shallow.

6. Give your newly planted hydrangea a good watering to help it get comfy and cozy in its new home.