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Wildlife Netting

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How to Create Wildlife Netting

Deer, Deer Go Away

Keep Deer & Other Wildlife Out of Your Garden

Step 1

  • Locate the bed of plants that you want to protect, the maximum width is about 4 feet.
  • Remove the ties from your wire spool.

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Step 2

  • At the edge of the bed insert one end of the wire 4-6 inches into the ground.
  • Unroll enough wire to be able to create a hoop that will be 8-10 inches above your plants.
  • Continue creating new hoops about 18-24 inches apart until you get to the other end of your bed

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Step 3

  • Roll out enough netting in front of the bed so that you have enough to cover the hoops and each end.

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Step 4

  • Make garden staples from the leftover wire. Cut into 8-inch sections and bend them in half.
  • Or you can purchase garden staples if you would like.
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Step 5

  • Line your netting up on the ground just in front of the front hoops.
  • Take your staples and put one directly in front of each hoop and another one halfway in between the hoops.
  • When you have finished the front pull your netting to the back just enough to put a small amount of pressure on your hoops and repeat the staple process for the back.
  • Depending on the width of your bed, you may need to cut off the excess netting on the back or roll it up and put a few staples in it to hold it to the ground.

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Step 6

  • Once your netting is secure, cover the edges of the netting with mulch or soil from your garden bed & you're done!

a garden with flowers

Shopping List

  • 12 Gauge Spool Wire
  • Bird Netting
  • Wire Cutters
  • Garden Staples (optional)