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deterring deer

Deterring Deer

deterring deer

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What Kind of Plant Do Deer Usually Avoid?

Keep in mind that hungry deer will eat almost anything, so no plant is completely deer-proof. BUT there are some plants they do not prefer. Deer will usually avoid plants with:

  • Strong odors
  • Prickly or rough foliage or plants with thorns
  • Fuzzy or hairy foliage
  • Bitter tastes or poisonous sap

Add Another Layer of Protection

  • Use deer-repelling products to discourage them from munching.
  • Look for all-natural products that won't harm the animals - just repel them.
  • Go Away! Deer & Rabbit all-natural repellants use peppers & strong scents to make bad smells and tastes. Available in granules to sprinkle around a garden bed or a spray to apply directly to plants.
  • Not sure if it's deer or other critters? Repels-All is a general repellant that works on a wide variety of vermin.

Deer Resistant Plants



The strong scent of herbs like rosemary, mint, and thyme smell great to us, but not to deer.



Prickly foliage and seed heads are not favored by deer.



The scent and rough, sandpaper-like leaves will deter deer.



The prickly centers will deter deer.



The fern-like foliage is fragrant which deer don't like.



Deer will avoid the rough texture and they do not like the oils/scent of the juniper.



The scent and the texture of the foliage will deter deer.



Deer will not eat the tough spikes of the plant.

Deer Repelling Products


Bonide® Repels-All

This natural product repels nuisance animals including deer, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and many more from ornamental gardens and planting areas. Repels through smell, taste, and irritation of eyes and nose. The formula will not harm animals. Safe to use in pet and children's play areas when used as directed. The product lasts up to 60 days. Available in granule and spray forms.


Bonide® Go-Away!

The Spray Deer and Rabbit Repellent by Bonide is the perfect solution to keeping deer and rabbits away from your home and garden. The formula used to create the repellent will not harm the animals. It is safe to use this product around areas where children play as long as it is used as directed. It is perfect for deterring animals as the scent is unpleasant to them and keeps them away from the area. Use this product exactly as directed for optimal protection.