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Assessing & Treating Cold Damage

Assessing Cold Damage

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Scratch Test

Lightly scratch the bark of your trees/shrubs and look for fresh, lighter-colored wood. If you scratch the branch and the color is the same underneath, then it is likely dead from the damage. This picture is an example of a healthy plant.

a group of trees

Leaf Drop

If your trees/shrubs were damaged by the freeze, they probably dropped a lot of leaves or have a lot of brown spots. This is completely normal. Since spring has sprung, you are probably noticing some new growth!

a pile of sticks and leaves

Know When It's Time

Sometimes plants cannot handle everything that the elements throw at them. If you have a tree/shrub that is looking like the picture above, it is not revivable. If you purchased your plants at Pike, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all trees and shrubs!

Time to Prune

Cut away any broken or dead branches so they have a clean cut to heal properly. You can also pull off any damaged leaves.

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Once a plant starts putting out new foliage, start a fertilizing program with an all-purpose fertilizer to improve root health.

a purple flower with green leaves