Grab the kids and make easy bird feeders! They are fun to make and you'll get to watch out feathered friends eat and frolic in your backyard.

Shopping List


Twine (cut into 24 inch pieces)

Pike Special Mix Bird Seed

Step 1


Cut the oranges in half. A parent may need to help you with this step. You only need 1 half for the bird feeder.

Step 2


Scoop out the inside of the orange, only leaving the peel.

Make it snack time while you work! You can eat the orange pulp as you scoop it out and eat the other half of the orange.

Step 3


Cut your twine into 24 inch long pieces. Use a knife to cut a small hole on each side of the orange. Pull your twine through the holes and make a knot.

Step 4


Mix your Pike Special Mix Bird Seed with peanut butter or almond butter (omit if you have a nut allergy)

Step 5


Fill your bird feeder with bird seed mixture.

Step 6


Hang your bird feeder on a tree limb near a window or patio and watch birds dine on their food  

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