DIY - Fall Centerpice

Enjoy fall colors indoors with this beautiful fall centerpiece arrangement. 

Indoor Project

Step 1:
Fill the bottom of the container with several inches of Pike's Potting & Container Soil. 

Step 2: Add 1 tbsp of Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer & mix into soil.

Step 3: Arrange plants according to diagram, leaving the orchid in its original container. 

Step 4: Add more soil making sure to fill holes between the plants.

Step 5: Place decorative branches behind the orchid for support.

Step 6: Add Super Moss around plants & water well.

Care Instructions:
 Place in a high light area with filtered sunlight. Water when soil feels dry several inches down. 

Shopping List

1 - 15-inch glazed pot

1 - 4-inch croto - plant (A)

1 - 4-inch orchid - plant (B)

1 - 4-inch ornamental peppers - plant (C)

3 - 4-inch variegated ivy - plant (D)

1 - 6-inch floral begonia - plant (E)

1 - Bag Super Moss

1 - Bunch decorative branches

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