Small Space Terrarium

Indoor Project - Bright, Indirect Light

Project Time: 60 minutes

Give your home or office a touch of style with a glass terrarium. This colorful terrarium mixes a blooming kalanchoe with foliage plants. Pink polka dot plant, blue fescue grass and scotch moss add different textural elements creating a visually pleasing arrangement. And, it has an extra bit of personality with the addition of a decorative, hand-painted mushroom. 


Shopping List

1 – Glass Terrarium Bowl
1 – Decorative Mushroom
1 – Pink Polka Dot Plant
1 – Kalanchoe
1 – Blue Fescue
1 – Scott Moss
3 – Dragons Blood Sedum
1 – Bag of Pike Potting & Container Soil
1 – Bag Rock
1 – Bag Charcoal



A – Shroomy Decorative Mushroom
B – Pink Polka Dot Plant
C – Kalanchoe
D – Blue Fescue
E – Scotch Moss
F – Dragons Blood Sedum