RECIPE - Pork Belly BLT Skewers


Enjoy as-is or with your favorite dipping sauce.


Step 1: Stabilize smoker at 250 degrees

Step 2: Cut pork belly into roughly 1 inch pieces

Step 3: Cover pork belly with bbq rub, keep refrigerated until ready to smoke

Step 4: Using smoke deflectors, smoke pork belly for 3 hours

Step 5: Pull pork from smoker & place in oven safe pan

Step 6: Cover pork belly with your favorite bbq sauce 

Step 7: Cover pan & place back on smoker for 90 minutes

Step 8: Uncover & cook for an additional 15 minutes. 

Step 9: Add pork belly, tomatoes & lettuce to skewers


From the Garden

  • Bibb Lettuce
  • Cherry Tomatoes

From the Market & Pantry

  • Heritage Farms Cheshier Pork Belly with skin removed
  • Your favorite bbq rub
  • Your favorite bbq sauce
  • Skewers 

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