Step 1: Choose a wreath. Any size, shape or material that you like will do. We used a grapevine wreath because all the little crevices between the vines make great pockets to nestle the air plants and moss.

Step 2: Choose any air plants you like. There are many sizes, shapes and colors of air plants - so choose whichever varieties that appeal to you and as many as you'd like! Our wreath features 4 capitata air plants in peach, maroon and purple.

Step 3: Determine the placement of your air plants before securing them to the wreath. Natural dips or crevices in the wreath are best because it will help hold your air plants in place. Not sure where you'd to place them, do a Google image search for some inspiration.

Step 4: Use silicone craft glue to adhere your air plants to the wreath. This type of glue is safe for the plant (it won't burn the leaves like hot glue), dries clear, is waterproof, and won't get brittle with age. You'll need to hold the air plants in place while the glue dries enough to hold the plant. Let the glue dry and then ensure the plants are securely adhered to the wreath. You may need to go back and add a few more dabs of glue to be certain. The glue does have a smell, so be sure to do this craft in a well ventilated area. If you prefer, you can use floral wire instead; you'll avoid the fumes and the plants will be removable if you ever want to change them out.

Step 5: Add moss. Just like with the plants, it's all a matter of personal preference. There are many types and colors of preserved moss (reindeer, Spanish, oak, lichens, etc.). SuperMoss® has a fantastic selection; we've used their Moss Mix which is a bag of several types and colors. Place the moss first, without glue, so you can reposition the pieces if desired. You can continue using the silicone glue for the moss or switch to hot glue which dries much faster. The hot glue won't damage the preserved moss.

Step 6:Use ribbon, an over-the-door wreath hanger, or other hanging apparatus to display your wreath in bright, indirect light indoors.