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Clean Air Container

Clean Air Container Project

Indoor Project
Keep the snake plant in its store-bought container for this planter, they prefer to be root bound and dry.

Step 1: Find a spot in your home with bright, indirect sunlight

Step 2: Choose a large pot that is 17 inches in diameter with drainage holes

Step 3: Fill the container about 2/3 full with Pike's Potting & Container Soil

Step 4: Mix in a handful of Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer

Step 5: Keeping the snake plant (B) in its container, place according to the diagram

Step 6: Remove the rest of the plants from their container & gently loosen soil from roots

Step 7: Place plants according to the container diagram

Step 8: Add more soil making sure to fill in the gaps & water well

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  • A - Dracaena Marginata 6"
  • B - Snake Plant 6"
  • C - Spider Plant 6"
  • D - Pothos 6"
  • E - English Ivy 6"
  • F - Chinese Evergreen 6"
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Care Instructions

  • Water the at the center of the container when the soil feels dry several inches down & avoid watering the snake plant.
  • Fertilize monthly with houseplant food & keep away from cooling & heating vents.

Shopping List

  • Dracaena Marginata 6"
  • Snake Plant 6"
  • Spider Plant 6"
  • Pothos 6"
  • English Ivy 6"
  • Chinese Evergreen 6"