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Indoor Jungle

Having plants indoors helps boost your mood, improves concentration, improves sleep, and offers a new way to decorate. From tropical beauties like Orchids and Bromeliads to fan favorites like Fiddle-Leaf Figs, there is a perfect houseplant for every style.


Video: Understanding Houseplant Lighting

Houseplants for Low Light

Low light situations call for hardy, easy-care plants. Here is the perfect collection of houseplants for beginners, black thumbs, or those who want some greenery in the darker areas of their home.


Houseplants for Medium Light 

Find the perfect houseplant for those in-between areas of your home.

a vase of flowers on a plant

Houseplants for High Light

Looking for a plant to add greenery and texture to the bright rooms of your home? Here is our list of gorgeous plants for high light.

fiddle leaf fig
a close up of a flower

Video: Basics of Houseplant Care

6 Ways to Create a Calm Home

Here are seven easy ways to create a calm, relaxing sanctuary to help your cares just melt away.

How to Create a Terrarium

Create your own tiny ecosystem!

Houseplant Garden

Add a fresh touch to your home with a garden full of blooming and colorful foliage plants.

Lucky Houseplants

If you're looking to make a little luck of your own, here are 10 gorgeous houseplants that can help!

Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Keep your furry friends safe while enjoying your indoor oasis!

pet-friendly houseplants