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organic healthy egg carton seed starting kit

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Egg Carton Seed Starting Kit

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 Egg Carton Seed Starting Kit

What better way to use your leftover egg cartons than to recycle them as seed starting kits. By reusing everyday items destined for the trash bin, it lessens the impact on the environment. Egg cartons create perfect vessels to start individual seeds in. Follow along as we make an easy seed starting kit, complete with photo ID map in just a few minutes.

organic healthy egg carton seed starting kit

Egg Carton Seed Starting Kit

 Click below to see a list of supplies you'll need and steps to take to create your own easy seed starting kit:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). Decide what seeds you want to plant.

egg carton seed starting kit

Step Two

Empty out your egg carton, removing any stickers or leftover egg shells. You can choose to paint your egg carton if you want for aesthetics, but be careful to avoid painting the side of the carton where the actual eggs normally sit--you don't want chemicals in paint to leech through your soil into your seeds!
organic egg carton seed starting kit

Step Three

Depending on how many varieties of seeds you are planting and the amount of egg depressions in your egg carton, cut out photos from seed catalogs or print photos or even draw little pictures of each of the seeds you want to plant in your egg carton seed starting kit. When you have finished, carefully tape them in the order you want to plant them on the opposing side of your egg carton.

Seeds egg seed starting kit

Step Four

After taping your photo map, carefully fill the depressions where the eggs were with light fluffy soil.

seed starting egg carton kit

Step Five

Finish up by taking 1-2 seeds of each variety and plant them in the corresponding egg depression in your carton that matches the photo map you completed in your last step. After planting each of your seeds, take a spray bottle filled with water and give your seeds a good mist.

soil egg planter head seed colorful kids

Step Six

To finish your project, set your egg carton seed starting kit in a sunny, warm place and mist your planter with water at least once a day. You should see the seed sprout within a few days to a few weeks. If you plan to plant your seeds in the garden, follow seed packet instructions to ensure the temperature is optimal.

egg carton seed starting kit

Supplies List 

  • Egg carton of any size
  • Soil
  • Drawings, cut outs, or print outs of whatever seeds you are planting
  • A variety of seeds
  • Tape
  • Spray bottle