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a vase sitting on top of a green plant

Create Your Own
Kokedama Planter

Mossy, Fun & Beautiful

Kokedama Planter

Make beautiful and earthy decor pieces with living elements for your home. By using desert dwelling succulents, they are easy to care for--requiring very little water. However, many different types of houseplants do well in a kokedama arrangement.

a vase sitting on top of a green plant

Kokedama Planter (ages 6+)

Click below to see how to make your own kokedama planter:

Step One

Gather your supplies and choose a location in your house with bright, indirect light.

an apple sitting on top of a wooden table

Step Two 

Begin by placing a small layer of soil at the bottom of your kokedama. Carefully pull your plants out their nursery pots and remove some of the soil around the roots.

a person holding a plant on a table

Step Three

Begin by planting your 2-4" cactus or tall succulent. Carefully place the root ball into the kokedama. The tall length of cactus will add a thrilling element and height to arrangement.

a green plant

Step Four

Next, carefully plant your echeveria. As your echeveria is on the shorter side, ensure it is planted toward the front of your arrangement so you can see it.


Step Six

Finally, plant your 2-4" snake plant. These hardy and spiky plants have dramatic foliage and will provide a contrast of shape to your arrangement.

a close up of a green plant

Step Seven

After planting your three plants, cover the roots of the plants with soil. To add even more visual interest, tuck some preserved moss on top of the kokedama.

Water your kokedama and it is ready to place in your home! Enjoy.

a vase sitting on top of a green plant

Supplies List 

  • a kokedama planter
  • 2-4" cactus
  • 2-4" echeveria succulent
  • 2-4" snake plant
  • dried moss
  • water