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Grow What
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Edibles in the Landscape

Vegetables and herbs can be grown in the tried-and-true raised garden beds or garden plots like our parents and grandparents always did, but if you're short on space, it's time to think outside the planting box. Almost all veggies and herbs, and many fruits, can be grown in containers on a patio or balcony. Or, incorporate them into your existing landscape alongside non-edible plants. Fruit trees can be a focal point in a garden bed and blueberry bushes can be planted among existing shrubs. Leafy greens like cabbage, kale and swiss chard, as well has fragrant herbs like thyme, sage, and oregano can be incorporated into your flower beds or containers right next to your pansies or other blooms.

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Colorful foliage

Green is great, but houseplant owners are looking for the more eye-catching colors to add to their collection and accent their own style. In 2020 colorful foliage plants will grow in popularity, with options likes agalaonema and calathea leading the way. Large plants to add drama - While minimalist décor is having a moment, decor

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Large plants to add drama

While minimalist décor is having a moment, decorators are going big when it comes to indoor plants in 2020. Choosing a large plant as a focal point in a room will add height, drama and color.

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Pet friendly

Fido & Fluffy's wellbeing will always be important! Plant babies that won't harm the fur babies will continue to be a strong trend. While the ASPCA has an extensive library of non-toxic and toxic plants, here's a quick list of popular pet-friendly houseplants to start with.

Additional 2020 Trends

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Horticulture for Health

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Minimal Maintenance

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Growing Up to Save Space