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Houseplants have been "having a moment" for a few years now! And the indoor greenery trend will still be going strong in 2020. Houseplants remain popular among veteran gardeners as well as beginners, apartment-dwellers, college students, seniors, style gurus and more.

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Unique foliage

In 2020, houseplant hunters are on the lookout for unique foliage or striking silhouettes. While the fiddle-leaf fig, monstera deliciosa, and pilea peperomioides remain quite popular, plants like alocasia and others have a lot to offer, too.

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Colorful foliage

Green is great, but houseplant owners are looking for the more eye-catching colors to add to their collection and accent their own style. In 2020 colorful foliage plants will grow in popularity, with options likes agalaonema and calathea leading the way.

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Large plants to add drama

While minimalist décor is having a moment, decorators are going big when it comes to indoor plants in 2020. Choosing a large plant as a focal point in a room will add height, drama and color.

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Pet friendly

Fido & Fluffy's wellbeing will always be important! Plant babies that won't harm the fur babies will continue to be a strong trend. While the ASPCA has an extensive library of non-toxic and toxic plants, here's a quick list of popular pet-friendly houseplants to start with.

Additional 2020 Trends

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Horticulture for Health

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Minimal Maintenance

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Grow What You Eat

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Growing Up to Save Space