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Scent + Blooms

We all love to see pretty blooms in the garden or a container, but you can appeal to multiple senses by choosing plants for fragrance, too. Fragrant plants should be placed strategically - near entryways, patios, or along walkways - where you're sure to catch the scent on a breeze.

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Block Sun & Wind

Trees placed around your home can help provide shade in the summertime and block cold winds in the winter (and thereby help reduce your heating/cooling costs). Be sure to check a tree's mature size before planting, and carefully place them where root systems won't damage the foundation, driveway or sidewalks.

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Privacy Solutions

Trees and large shrubs can boost curb appeal and provide privacy from neighbors or prying eyes. Dense evergreens are the best choice so you have foliage all year for privacy in every season. But perennial vines or deciduous shrubs can work if you only need privacy in the warm seasons when you're most likely to make use of your outdoor spaces.

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Deer Deterrents

Hungry deer can decimate a landscape! By strategically using plants that deer don't like, you can help keep these cute-but-hungry critters from making a buffet out of your garden. Deer tend to avoid prickly plants, plants with fuzzy foliage, sappy or toxic plants, or those with strong scents. Replace your deer favorites with these less-desirable options or use them to create a border around your more delectable plants to try to ward off the deer.

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Horticulture for Health

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Minimal Maintenance

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Grow What You Eat

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Growing Up to Save Space