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american flag on a front porch

Patriotic Summer Entryway

Patriotic Gardens

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Patriotic Entryway Project

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Summer is full of entertaining and fun. Why not dress up your front porch with a show stopping red, white and blue theme? It's easy to plant all your heat loving flowers in colorful containers that really make a statement. Set up your display by mid-May and you can enjoy it all season long - for Memorial Day, Independence Day and even Labor Day in September!

red, white a blue flowers in pots by a front door

Use varying sizes of pots to create interest and height. For our tallest container, we used a staked mandevilla with lovely trumpet-shaped white blooms for our "thriller." Annual salvia in a rich red acts as the filler while white and blue lobelia fill and spill.

  • Tall glazed pot, 20-24"
  • 1 - Mandevilla, white (on a stake)
  • 3 - Salvia, red
  • 3 - Lobelia, blue
  • 3 - Lobelia, white
a blue glazed pot filled with red, white and blue flowers

For the smaller pots, you don't need to get all 3 colors of blooms in each pot. You can choose a blue pot and fill it with red & white flowers or a white pot with red and blue flowers to achieve the same patriotic color scheme. These each have only 2 plants; petunias can do double duty as fillers and spillers.

White Container

  • Glazed pot, 12"
  • Salvia, blue
  • Petunias, red

Blue Container

  • Glazed pot, 12"
  • Petunias, white
  • Salvia, red

white and blue glazed pots filled with red, white and blue flowers

After your containers are filled with red, white and blue flowers, add some other decorative touches like patriotic garden flags, colorful solar stakes, or whatever star-spangled decorations you have on hand.

flowers in a basket and a red, decorative solar-powered garden stake

Shopping List

  • Glazed pots of varying sizes in red, white and/or blue
  • Pike Potting & Container Soil
  • Dr. Earth Root Zone organic starter fertilizer
  • Red, white & blue flowers of your choice
  • American flag and/or patriotic garden flags
  • Colorful solar stakes