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mr lincoln hybrid tea rose

Hybrid Tea Roses

Most well-known. Boasts the largest, perfectly formed blooms with high centers and great fragrance on long single stems. Generally, blooms from late spring to early fall. Upright, vigorous growers.

Popular Variety: Mr. Lincoln
julia child floribunda rose

Floribunda Roses

Produces clusters of blooms on a stem. Slightly smaller flowers are cup-shaped or flat with a mild scent. Growth habit is shorter than hybrid tea. Usually blooms early summer to fall and generally hardier and more disease resistant.

Popular Variety: Julia Child
twilight zone grandiflora rose

Grandiflora Roses

Cross between Hybrid Tea and Floribunda. Similar in plant size and growth habit to hybrid tea. Produces clusters of flowers on long stems. Blooms are slightly smaller in size but have classic, high centers like hybrid tea. Very tall growers, hardy and disease resistant.

Popular Variety: Twilight Zone
wollerton old hall david austin rose

English Roses

Also known as David Austin® roses. Blooms are large with many ruffled petals - an antique look that resembles peonies. Most fragrant and prolific bloomers. Very popular but need a little more maintenance than others; they are relatively less hardy and moderately disease resistant.

Popular Variety: Wollerton Old Hall
iceberg climbing roses

Climbing Roses

Sprawling growth habits perfect for arbors, trellises, and fence lines or to create privacy screens. They produce abundant blooms from the tip of the plant almost to the ground. Repeat bloomers from spring to fall. Need less pruning than other rose types.

Popular Variety: Iceberg
knockout shrub roses

Shrub Roses

A large, diverse category, but all are hardy, easy-care, repeat bloomers. Ideal for hedges, mass planting and ground covering. Disease resistant and vigorous growers.

Popular Varieties: Knock Out® & Drift®

In the Landscape

Planting Roses

Our step-by-step guide to planting your own rose garden.


Landscape Roses

Planting Pulp Pot Roses

Potted in biodegradable pulp pots, for quick, easy planting that helps maintain root moisture.


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January & February are the best time to prune roses

How to Prune Roses

Prune your roses with confidence! Here is our step-by-step guide to pruning your roses to ensure gorgeous blooms in the spring and summer.
pruning roses

DIY: Aromatherapy Garden

Time to stop and smell the roses — or lavender or gardenias or mint. Fragrances have the power to modify our brain and frame of mind.