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Make Your Own
Bee Hotel

Fun & Pollinator-Friendly

Bee Hotel

Leaf-cutter and mason bees are solitary bee species that do not live in hives. Creating a bee hotel and placing it in your garden can attract these helpful pollinators and provide them a place to nest over the winter. By reusing a tin can and some hollow bamboo dowels, you can create an easy hanging bee hotel to bring more pollinators to your yard.
a close up of a bee hotel

Bee Hotel

Click below to see a list of supplies you'll need and steps to take to make your own:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). And decide on a paint color or stickers to use to decorate your bee house.

paint bamboo dowels tin can bug hotel

Step Two

If you haven't used the contents of your 14oz tin can, remove the label and empty it and wash the insides of the can and let it dry. Using a can opener, remove the bottom of the can so that both sides of the can are open.

can opener bug hotel

Step Three

Using spray or acrylic paint, give your tin can a coat of paint in whatever color you like. You can paint designs or add stickers to create a colorful and unique look.
paint tin can bug hotel

Step Four

Let your paint designs and stickers dry for the recommended amount of time.
tin can paint bug hotel bee

Step Five

Using your bamboo dowels, begin stacking them into the can until they fill up the entire center of the can. You want them as tightly packed as possible to prevent them from shifting.

bug hotel bee hotel tin can

Step Six

To finish your bee hotel, use a two foot piece of a twine to thread it through the top of your bee hotel and create a loop with a tie at the top. Now you can hang your bee hotel off a tree branch or off a hook. Eventually, you will see some interest from solitary bees. You will know that bees have made a nest in your bee hotel when you see a layer of mud covering the bamboo openings. They will reemerge when the season begins.

bee and bug hotel

Supplies List 

  • 14 oz food tin can
  • 20-30 5'" long, 1/4" opening hollow bamboo dowels
  • paint, stickers to decorate
  • can opener
  • 2' of twine