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DIY Butterfly Feeder

Sustainable & Pollinator-Friendly

Butterfly Feeder

Butterfly's make beautiful additions to our gardens. Not only do they brighten up the landscape with their colorful wings, they also help pollinate flowers and vegetables. Butterflies enjoy the sweet nectar found in flowers. You can encourage more of these beautiful winged-pollinators into your yard and garden landscapes by creating an easy, DIY butterfly feeder and nectar solution. This is a great kids garden project.
a close up of a butterfly feeder

Butterfly Feeder

Click below to see a list of supplies and step-by-step instructions to make your own butterfly feeder. 

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). Your first step is to make the nectar for your butterfly feeder. The solution is one part white granulated sugar to ten parts of water. A good starting point is one tablespoon of sugar to ten tablespoons of water. Mix the components in a sauce pan and boil until sugar is dissolved. Let it until completely cool.

sugar water

Step Two

While your nectar solution is cooling, begin making your butterfly feeder holder. Take two 10-12 inch pieces of string/twine and cross them like an 'X.' Tie a knot in the middle where the two strings cross each other. This will be the base of the holder.

twine creating an X to hold the butterfly feeder

Step Three

Place a saucer on top of the knot. This saucer will be the actual butterfly feeder.
a saucer and string sitting on a table

Step Four

Fill your saucer with shallow stones or river rock. These stones will serve as perches for the butterflies. It's important to keep butterfly wings dry, so this gives the butterflies a place to stand and drink safely.

suaver with rocks to make a butterfly feeder

Step Five

Now, take the four end points of your string/twine, and tie them together into a loop. This will allow you to hang your feeder onto a branch of a tree or onto a hook, keeping it high off the ground. You also can forgo the twine, and simply sit your feeder somewhere sunny and elevated in your garden.

homemade butterfly feeder

Step Six

Your butterfly feeder is ready to hang! To finish it off, fill your saucer with a shallow layer of the cooled nectar. Make sure the liquid doesn't go above the level of the stones. You also can throw in fruit scraps like banana peels and orange peels to add a tasty treat for your winged-friends! Enjoy.

Change nectar every 1-2 days and clean the butterfly feeder as needed. Excess nectar can keep in the fridge for up to a week.

butterfly feeder hanging in plant

Supplies List 

  • Saucer or plate 6-8 inches
  • twine or string - Two 10-12 inch pieces
  • Small stones or river rock
  • White granulated sugar 1 Tbsp
  • Water 10 Tbsp
  • Fruit scraps (optional)