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organic egg head planter using garden seeds

DIY Egg Head Planters

Kooky, Sustainable, & Fun

Egg Head Planters

Eggshells and seed starting are a match made in heaven! Reuse the egg shells you use for cooking to create kooky and fun containers to start seeds. The egg shell breaks down easily and naturally so when the seedling is ready to be planted into the garden, you can stick the whole egg into the soil--no transplanting containers required! Egg shells are rich in calcium carbonate, which is an essential nutrient for plants. This is a fun garden project for the whole family.

organic egg head planters seed starter

Egg Head Planters

Here are step-by-steps instructions to start seeds in a kooky egg head planter:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below) and pick out the seeds you want to start in your egg head planter.

egg head planter color seeds

Step Two

After deciding what you want to plant, using your knife, very carefully create a small hole in the top of your egg. Twist your knife back and forth to open the hole just enough to give your fingernail a hold. Gently peel back the egg shell around the hole you made, until the hole is large enough for the egg white and egg yolk to pass through.
organic egg head planter seed

Step Three

After getting the hole in the top of the egg large enough, carefully pour the egg white and the egg yolk out of the hole. Using your finger nail, gently scrape the membrane from the inside of the egg. If left inside the egg shell, the membrane will rot and cause your soil and seed to mold. After removing the membrane, gently wash out the egg shell and leave it for a few minutes to dry.

hallowed out egg shell

Step Four

When your egg is dry, now it is time to decorate and make a stand for your egg head planter. Using markers or paint, draw a silly face on your egg planter. When the seeds germinate and sprout, it will look like hair for your kooky egg head planter.

Using your small strip of card stock, simply tape it together to form a ring so that your egg head can have a stand to sit in.

a wooden table egg head planter markers

Step Five

After creating your stand and decorating the outside of your egg, take your fluffy potting soil and gently pack it into the egg shell. Using a spray bottle, mist the top of the soil lightly.

soil egg planter head seed colorful kids

Step Six

Take 2-3 of your chosen seeds and sprinkle them into the surface of the soil. Lightly dust the top of your seeds with soil and give your egg head planter another mist of water. To finish your project, set your egg head in a sunny, warm place and mist your planter once a day. Depending on the seed type, you should see the seed sprout within a few days to a few weeks.

a hand holding a piece of cake on a table

Step Seven

Congratulations; you have germinated seeds inside an egg head planter! Continue to enjoy your sprout inside your egg head plater, snipping pieces off as needed. If you plan to plant your seeds in the garden, follow seed packet instructions to ensure the temperature is optimal. Dig a hole in the soil and stick the entire planter inside the hole, making sure that your seedling is above ground before patting soil around it. Enjoy your egg head planter!

egg head planter seed soil

Supplies List 

  • Eggs
  • Knife, needle or scissors
  • Fluff soil or seedling soil
  • Seeds
  • Markers or paint
  • Card Stock cut into 1 x 4 strips