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a close up of flower pot wind chime

Flower Pot Wind Chime

Flower Pot Wind Chime

Grab the kids and make your very own wind chime with a flower pot. It's a fun, crafty project that can personalize and brighten up your garden, patio or front entryway. Not only is this project a great excuse to have fun and get outside, hands-on arts and crafts activities are helpful to children's development of motor skills, provides sensory stimulation, encourages creativity, boost self-esteem, and even helps them learn other subjects.

girl and boy with painting flower pots

Flower Pot Wind Chime

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Step 1

Get a terracotta pot and paint it with flowers, trees, swirls and more --- whatever your heart desires. Remember, the pot will be hanging upside down. Let the pot dry completely.

Painting flowers on pot

Step 2

Cut garden twine into strips about 1-2 feet long. Thread the twine with shells, beads, buttons and more.

girl holding twine with beads

Step 3

Turn your pot upside down and pull each strand of twine through the hole in the top of the pot. Gather all the twine and tie a large knot to hold them in place.

twine through hole in pot

Step 4

Tie a long piece of twine in the opposite direction as your pot to act as your pot wind chime hanger. Place your wind chime in a tree where you can easily see and hear it.

Flower pot wind chime

Shopping List

  • Terracotta Pot, 4 inch
  • Paint acrylic is best
  • Garden Twine or Ribbon
  • Seashells, beads and buttons