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Natures Clay Impressions

Backyard Fossils

Practical & Creative

Create your own decorative fossils

Create impressions of all the local plant life around your home!

Colorful Sun Catcher

Backyard Fossils (Ages 3+)

Click below to see a list of supplies you'll need and steps to take to make your own:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). Create a clean workspace with a smooth surface.

clay, foliage, paint

Step Two

Slice chunks of clay, roll them out flat.
clay, foliage, cookie cutters

Step Three

Trim clay edges with cookie cutter or open glass. (this step is optional)

Cookie Sheet, Cookie Cutters, Beads

Step Four

Place collected foliage on clay slabs.


Step Five

Roll glass or roller on top of plants firmly into the clay to create impressions.

Cookie Sheet, Cookie Cutters, Beads

Step Six

Gently peel foliage off of clay and allow to dry overnight (12-24 hours)

a plate of food on a wooden table

Step Seven

After Clay is full dry decorate with craft paints, or markers.

Nature Clay Fossils Paint

Allow paint to dry and find a perfect home for your new fossils!

a hand holding a clay fossil

Supplies List 

  • Clay
  • Smooth Surface
  • Foliage or Flowers
  • Rolling pin or smooth glass
  • Craft Paint (Optional)