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Create Your Own
Herb Pot

Sustainable, Creative & Fragrant

Herb Garden

Herbs can be a cornerstone of any vegetable garden. They are beautiful, fragrant and add delicious color and flavor to every recipe. Many herbs are relatively easy to care for and can be grown at various seasons throughout the year. Herbs can be eaten fresh, tucked into recipes or even dried and used throughout the year. By using everyday materials that typically end up in the trash, you can make adorable recycled containers to display your herbs in.
a close up of a flower pot

Herb Garden

Click below to see how to make your own herb garden container:

Step One

Gather your supplies. Ensure your tin can is emptied and cleaned out with the label removed.

Using a nail and hammer, or a drill, very carefully add a small hole to the bottom of the can for drainage. Allowing water to drain out of can will prevent root rot and standing water.

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Step Two

After allowing the tin can to dry, begin applying your layers of paint. Decorate it however you want to.

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Step Three

After allowing your paint to dry, you are able to fill your can with your soil about halfway up the sides of the can. Use Pike Potting & Container Soil, which provides a fertilizer to jump start root growth and also contains wetting agents that help retain moisture in the soil.
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Step Four

Now you can plant your herb starter or plant your seeds in the soil.

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Step Five

Create a label for your herb container using a popsicle stick and a marker or paint. You also can paint the name of the herb on your container. You can write care instructions on your label as well.
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Step Six

Stick your label into your container and you are ready to enjoy your herb! Continue snipping from it throughout the growing season. If it is a frost-tender herb, bring it indoors before first frost. Enjoy.

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Supplies List 

  • Herb Starters or Seeds
  • 16oz Canned Food Tin
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Paint
  • Pike Potting and Container Soil