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herb stone markers kids gardening project

DIY Herb Stone Markers

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Herb Marking Stone

Whether you start your herbs and veggies from seeds or from starter plants, it can be tricky to tell one variety of plant from another, especially before they reach maturity. An easy way to keep track of what you planted and what you expect to grow is with herb garden markers. This garden project is fun for kids and adults. Have fun painting river rocks--each unique and handmade to provide an extra touch of beauty and organization to your herb garden.
herb garden marker

Herb Stone Markers

Click below to see a list of supplies you'll need and steps to take to make your own:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). Create a work space and decide what plants you want to make markers for.

river rocks, paint and paint brushes

Step Two

Start painting your rocks with white base layer on the flattest side of the rock. Allow to sit and dry in a warm, dry area until you are ready for the next layer.

river rock painted red

Step Three

After you finish painting the base, you can allow to dry before using a paint pens, or paint, to draw herb designs and write the name or variety of plant that you wish to mark! When it is finished drying, you can place your herb stone marker at the base of the plant to never lose track again of what you have in your garden! Enjoy.

herb stone markers

Supplies List 

  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint Pens
  • Water to clean brushes
  • River Rocks 2-3 inches (as many needed to label your garden)