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a close up of ladybug rocks

Ladybug Rocks

Ladybug Rocks

Ladybugs are important to a happy, healthy garden. Not only are they cute, but ladybugs are beneficial and will eat bad bugs that are harmful to plants. Here's a fun way to make your very own ladybugs to decorate the garden. The painted rocks won't be eating any bad bugs, but they sure are adorable!

girl and boy with painted ladybug rocks

Ladybug Rocks

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Step 1

Gather several small to medium size oval rocks and rise them with warm water until they are clean. Let them dry.

rocks on table

Step 2

Paint the entire rock red and let dry.

girl and boy painting rocks red

Step 3

Paint the top third of the rock black for the head, a vertical line and black spots. Let dry.

girl painting ladybug rocks

Step 4

Color white eyes on the head and little dots to make an antenna. Let dry completely.

painted ladybug rocks

Supplies List

  • Rocks - source from your garden or purchase smooth river rocks
  • Paint - acrylic craft paint or paint markers are also helpful
  • Paint Brush