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white pumpkins covered with melted crayon wax

Melted Crayon 

Drippy, Colorful and Fun

Melted Crayon Pumpkins

This fall & Halloween, let the kids get crafty and create colorful pumpkins covered with melted crayon wax. This project is super easy, and can get a little messy - so kids will LOVE it. Not only is this project a great excuse to decorate some pumpkins, you can use the activity to teach small children about the rainbow, "ROYGBIV," the color wheel, and even discuss analogous and complementary color schemes with older kids.

white pumpkins covered with melted crayon wax

Melted Crayon Pumpkins

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Step 1

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below) and set up a space. Once the crayons start melting, they will drip and splatter! So, protect surfaces, walls, and clothes. Doing this project outside or placing your pumpkins in an empty box before melting the crayons is suggested. We used white pumpkins here, but you could use any type of pumpkin you like.

white pumpkins, crayons on a dropcloth

Step 2

Remove paper wrappers from the crayons. Break crayons in half (or smaller pieces for mini pumpkins) and glue to the top of your pumpkin. Don't skip the glue step. Without glue, the crayon pieces will just fly off as soon as you turn on the hair dryer. You can use tacky craft glue or hot glue - we had success with both types.

small white pumpkin with broken crayons glued to the top

Step 3

Turn on the hair dryer and start melting! Remember - the hair dryer is going to splatter wax all over, so protect those surfaces. We recommend using an empty box at this step (hind sight is 20/20)! Also, we recommend using Crayola brand crayons for this project. They melt much easier and more quickly than others (we tried some dollar store crayons first with no success).

hair dryer hovering over tiny white pumpkin covered in melted crayon wax

Step 4

The melted crayon wax will only needs a few moments to cool. Then, the pumpkins ready to place on your front porch or where ever you'd like to display them!

white pumpkins covered with melted crayon wax

Shopping List

  • White pumpkins of various sizes
  • Crayons (Crayola brand gives best results)
  • Hot glue or tacky craft glue (Eileen's brand is great)
  • Hair dryer
  • Drop cloth, newspaper, empty box or other items to protect surfaces