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a plate full of colorful flowers

Paint Brushes

Nature's Paint Brushes

Make your very own nature paintings with flowers and foliage from your backyard. Each plant has its own shape and texture so be sure to use a variety. Invite the kids to explore the yard and garden with you while choosing the plants to paint with. This would be a great way for them to use their observation, critical thinking, and communication skills while also learning about plants. The painting activity also helps children work on hand-eye coordination, self-expression, and color learning.

Boy and girl holding nature paint art

Nature's Paint Brushes

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Step 1

Gather a handful of different leaves and flowers from the garden. Try to find foliage in different shapes, sizes and textures.
a close up leaves and flowers

Step 2

Layout a long piece of white paper and place pots or rocks on the corners so the paper doesn't blow away.

Painting with foliage and flowers

Step 3

Pour paint on a plate and dip the flowers and foliage in the paint and then lay on the paper or use them as a brush.

Painting with flowers and foliage

Step 4

Let your art dry and then give to a loved one or hang in the house.

a girl and boy holding colorful nature paint artwork

Supplies List

  • Flowers & Leaves
  • White Paper - Construction Paper or Wrapping Paper would also work
  • Paint - Acrylic or Washable is best
  • Plastic Plate