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orange birdfeeder

Create Your Own
Orange Bird Feeder

Fun, Sustainable, & Cute

Orange Bird Feeder

Birds make wonderful additions to the garden. They help pollinate plants, they spread seeds, they eat insects and they are a delight to listen to and watch. Attracting birds to your garden isn't difficult--having shady areas where large bushes or trees are growing is a great way to invite them. Planting flowers and fruits and vegetables are certain to draw them in as well. Perhaps the easiest and best way to watch birds in your backyard, is by installing a bird feeder. In this project, we will create a delightful bird feeder out of an everyday item that many us may already have in our kitchens.

orange bird feeder

Create Your Own Orange Bird Feeder

Click below to see what you need to create your own bird feeder:

Step One 

Begin by selecting an orange or grapefruit and cutting it in half.

half of an orange

Step Two

Carefully scoop out the fruit of one half of the orange with a spoon. It should look like a bowl.

empty oranges for bird feeder

Step Three

Using a chop stick or a skewer, carefully poke four holes in equal distance around the rim of the orange. Using your string or twine, thread it through one hole and out the opposing hole, leaving 10-12" of excess string on either side. Carefully thread your second piece of string through the second pair of opposing holes. You should now have four 10-12" strings hanging from the orange.

orange with twine through it

Step Four

Scoop a high quality bird seed like Pike's Special Mix into your orange bowl. This seed attracts a variety of birds and doesn't contain filler seeds.

bird seed for orange bird feeder

Step Five

For your final step, take the four tails of string hanging off your orange and tie them together in a tight knot. Your orange bird feeder is now ready to hang on a tree branch or on a hook.

Whenever the seed runs out, simply refill it. The birds will enjoy the leftover orange as well. Enjoy watching your birds!

a close up of DIY orange bird feeder with seeds

Supplies List 

  • Pike Special Mix Bird Seed
  • Oranges
  • Knife
  • Two 26" pieces of twine
  • Spoon