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mosaic stepping stone

Make Your Own
Stepping Stone

Practical & Creative

Stepping Stone

Stepping stones add a wonderfully practical and artistic element to backyard garden spaces. They can make it easier to navigate the contours of the back yard garden by adding stones every few feet to create a pathway. Making your own stepping stones can be easy and a fun craft activity to add your personal creative style to your garden.
mosaic stepping stone

Stepping Stone

Click below to see a list of supplies you'll need and steps to take to make your own:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). Create a work space and put on your rubber gloves.

a bag sitting on top of a table

Step Two

Mix your ready-to-use concrete filler until it is a smooth consistency.

concrete being mixed

Step Three

Carefully pour your ready-to-use concrete into your 9" cheesecake tin. Add enough concrete to create a layer that is an inch to an inch and half thick.
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Step Four

Using your scraper or a spatula, smooth out the surface of your concrete. You can gently tap the cheesecake on the ground to get it to settle a little more cleanly.

concrete being smoothed out

Step Five

Begin adding your design. Using gems, sea glass, small stones, mosaic shards or even using handprints or pawprints, create a design that speaks to you. Don't push the stones in too deep, or they may become covered in concrete and get lost.

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Step Six

When you have finished your design, allow your concrete to cure that amount recommended on the container. Keep in a dry, warm place. When it is set, it is ready to pop out of the cheesecake tin and into your garden! Enjoy.

a concrete stepping stone

Supplies List 

  • 6-9" cheese cake tin
  • a container of ready-to-use concrete for patching
  • stones, jewels, mosaic shards, stones, etc. for design
  • rubber gloves
  • a knife or spoon to mix the concrete
  • a spatula or scraper