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Wild Flower Seed Bombs

Wild Flower Seed Bombs

Practical & Creative

Create your own Colorful Wildflower Seed Bombs

Create your own colorful seed bombs, gorgeous even before the blooms!

Colorful Seed bombs

Wilflower Seed Bombs (Ages 3+)

Click below to see a list of supplies you'll need and steps to take to make your own:

Step One

Collect your supplies (supplies listed below). Create a clean organized workspace.

Construction Paper, bowls, food processor, seeds

Step Two

Cut the construction paper into small, 1 inch squares. Place the squares into a small dish while being sure to keep each color in its own dish, or use complimentary combos of two as pictured.

construction paper, bowls

Step Three

Fill each dish with water just until the paper is covered. Let the paper squares soak for about 20 minutes.

construction paper, bowls, water

Step Four

Take one of the bowls of paper squares and wring it out about halfway. Place the squares into a food processor and pulse into a pulp. Repeat this with all paper colors and put the pulp back into each of their bowls.

food processor, construction paper

Step Five

Sprinkle some seeds into each bowl of paper, mix them in a little, and press the pulp and seeds into balls. If the pulp is a little dry, put a few sprinkles of water onto the pulp. It will help it to hold its shape better

seeds, paper pulp

Step Six

Set the seed balls onto a sheet pan to dry overnight

tray, wildflower seed bombs

Step Seven

Read Seed packet sunlight requirement, and find the perfect place to plant!

wildflower seed bombs, seed packet, outdoor space

Supplies List 

  • Seeds
  • Construction Paper
  • Small bowls or containers
  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Food Processor or Blender