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Growing your own food can be delicious, nutritious, and economical. Early spring is the perfect time to add strawberries to your edible garden. These nutrient powerhouses are rich in antioxidants and are a delicious addition to top your morning cereal, add sweetness to a smoothie, or spread in homemade jam. Regardless of whether you have a sprawling yard or a small balcony, you can grow your very own tasty berries to enjoy by themselves or whipped up delicious recipes.

video: how to grow strawberries

Planting Strawberries in the Ground

Step 1: Make sure to pick an area that receives full sun, 6-8 hours per day.
Step 2: Space plants 1-2 feet apart so they have plenty of room to spread out. They will grow more than a foot tall and wide.
Step 3: Dig a hole for each plant and mix the native soil at a 50/50 ratio with Pike Planting Mix.
Step 4: Sprinkle in a tablespoon of Dr. Earth Root Zone into each hole.
Step 5: Remove the plants from their nursery containers and place the plant in the hole. Backfill the holes with the mixed soil and tap down to remove any air pockets.
Step 6: Water thoroughly. Strawberries are perennials so you can enjoy them year after year!

planting strawberries

Garden Plot Project

Check out this project for tips on turning a 4x4 ft. plot into a victory garden filled with strawberries, veggies and more.

Pots, Hanging Baskets or Strawberry Jars

Planting Strawberries in Containers

Step 1: Choose a container that is at least 10 inches in diameter or a hanging basket.
Step 2: Fill the container with Pike Potting & Container Soil.
Step 3: Add a handful of Dr. Earth Root Zone and mix together.
Step 4: Remove plants from their nursery containers and place them in the container. Only plant 2-3 strawberry plants per container as they will continue to grow.
Step 5: Add in dirt around the plants and tap down firmly to remove air pockets.
Step 6: Water thoroughly.
planting strawberries

Supplies for Planting in the Ground

  • Strawberry Plants
  • Pike Planting Mix
  • Dr. Earth Root Zone

Supplies for Planting in Containers

  • Strawberry Plants
  • Container or Hanging Basket
  • Pike Potting & Container Soil
  • Dr. Earth Root Zone


DIY: Planting a Strawberry Jar

Health Benefits of Berries



Berries are high in disease-preventing antioxidants.



Berries boost fiber which aids in healthy digestion.



Berries are full of nutrients that have anti-aging properties.



Eating all kinds of berries can help improve your vision.

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Berries can help lower bad cholesterol and increase the good kind.



Berries can boost your immune system to help keep you healthy.


Blood Pressure

Berries can help prevent hypertension and reduce blood pressure.


Heart Disease

All kinds of berries can help with cardiovascular disease.


Memory Loss

Berries help boost brain power and slow cognitive decline.



Berries help fight inflammation and arthritis symptoms.


Weight Loss

Berries are low in calories and filling, which can help with weight management.

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Berries are low on the glycemic index, meaning they don't quickly raise blood sugar.

Tasty Strawberry Recipes

Recipe: Ladybug Fruit Skewers

Make edible ladybugs from strawberries and blackberries. Great for kids!

Recipe: Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Imagine sipping this homemade heavenly concoction on a hot summer day.

Recipe: Strawberry Salsa

A refreshing and sweet take on salsa. Serve with your favorite tortilla chips!

Recipe: Fruit Salad with Mint

Toss your strawberries with fresh mint and more for a guilt-free sweet treat.